Are you allowed to be a member of Blue?

We'd love to welcome you at our association, but since we are a students sports association, there are some rules we have to follow when accepting new members. Please check below if you are allowed to become a member!

Are you a student at a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) or University?


Are you a PHD student at a Dutch University?


Are you already a member of Blue?


Sadly, you are not allowed to become a member of Blue




You are allowed to be a member of Blue If you have a valid SSCE sports card

More information on how to become a member and how to obtain a sports card can be found below!

You might be able to keep your membership

Contact the board

If you do not have any experience yet

You can sign up for the 8-week beginners course at the SSCE via their website

Or if you are not sure whether you want to join the course yet, you can join an open class for a one-time trial. You can find them in the class schedule. Send us an email to sign up for this, either to or by using the contact form

If you are already experienced in the sport

Send us an email so we can arrange a moment at which we can assess your level to find the right fit. Use or the contact form

Before you can become a member of Blue, you need to have a valid SSCE sports card